West Sussex BKA Divisions

West Sussex BKA has four Beekeeping Divisions that cover the county, their members all being members of West Sussex Beekeepers’ Association (WSBKA), that is an umbrella organisation.  WSBKA is an Area Association Member (AAM) of the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA).

The four Divisions are independent organisations with their own administrations.  These are Central Sussex, ChichesterWisborough Green and Worthing.  Members of the Divisions are also members of WSBKA and BBKA, the subscriptions being collected by the Divisions.





West Sussex BKA Divisions, an explanation for members.  PDF reader required.

WSBKA organises events that are too large for Divisions to run or are of relevance to all beekeepers in West Sussex:

Bee Market and Auction, where there is a sale of equipment as well as various other bee related attractions.

Beekeepers' Convention, which is an all day event featuring some well known lecturers.

Follow the links above for full details of these annual events.

 West Sussex BKA Constitution