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Photo courtesy of Andrew Bellamy (Worthing) 

Annual Convention

A one day Beekeeping Convention is held annually at the beginning of the year.  It is intended to suit all abilities and as well as the main lectures there is a choice of seminars to attend.

This year's event was held on Saturday 24th February 2024 at Lodge Hill Centre, Watersfield, Pulborough. 




The West Sussex Beekeepers’ Association was again pleased to invite beekeepers and all those interested in bees and beekeeping to its Annual Convention.  The event was designed to suit beekeepers of all standards.  As well as the main lectures, the seminars offered a choice of more specialised topics.   Lodge Hill, Pulborough was again the venue and featured an impressive blend of lectures and seminars.  

Main Lectures

                               'The Queen' – Margaret Murdin

                          'The Mind of the Bee' – Professor Lars Chittka

                          'Know Your Enemy'  – Lynne Ingram


In addition there was a choice of seminars

Seminar 1 (You could attend one of these) 

                   1)    'The Importance of Drones' – Lynne Ingram

                   2)     'Where do Honey Bees travel for Pollen' – Sue Remenyi

                   3)     'Simple Queen Rearing' – Andrew Gibb

 Seminar 2 (You could attend one of these)

                   4)     'Keeping Healthy Colonies' – Margaret Murdin

                   5)     'Wasp Control in the Apiary' – Sue Remenyi

                   6)     'Environment, Food and Bees' – Andrew Gibb


Advance booking per person, WSBKA members £30

Members of other Associations and non-members £37

On the day if space allowed £37

Speakers' Profiles


Next year's event will be on Saturday 22nd February 2025

Details will be available from Viv Sallows on 01293 871092 or 07749 265944 or on email [email protected] 


 We look forward to seeing you next year